Chapter 1: Does Secularization Even Exist?

Chapter 2: What Is the Conventional Story Line about How the West Lost God? What Are the Problems with It?

Chapter 3: Circumstantial Evidence for the “Family Factor,” Part One: The Empirical Links among Marriage, Childbearing, and Religiosity

Chapter 4: Circumstantial Evidence for the “Family Factor,” Part Two: Snapshots of the Demographic Record; Or How Fundamental Changes in Family Formation Have Accompanied the Decline of Christianity in the West

Chapter 5: Circumstantial Evidence for the “Family Factor,” Part Three: Because the “Family Factor” Explains Problems That Existing Theories of Secularization Do Not Explain— Including What Is Known as “American Exceptionalism”

Chapter 6: Assisted Religious Suicide: How Some Churches Participated in Their Own Downfall by Ignoring the Family Factor

Chapter 7: Putting All the Pieces Together: Toward an Alternative Anthropology of Christian Belief

Chapter 8: The Future of Faith and Family: The Case for Pessimism

Chapter 9: The Future of Christianity and the Family: The Case for Optimism

Conclusion: Why Does Any of This Matter?

Epilogue: A Reflection on What Nietzsche and His Intellectual Heirs Missed, and Why They Might Have Missed It